B2B companies should take a serious look at LinkedIn

Does social media have a role to play for business to business (B2B) companies? Companies who target other businesses as their customer base often dismiss social media as something for consumer centric (B2C) businesses, but this disregards the incredible value that LinkedIn can offer in terms of generating leads and establishing business relationships.

Although LinkedIn was initially conceived as an online repository for CVs of professional people, it has, since its IPO last May, evolved into a completely different animal and there are opportunities aplenty for companies prepared to leverage the network to search for sales.

Businesses that want to start exploring the potential of LinkedIn should start by setting up their own company page. The page can be set up over several tabs (i.e. other pages) which allow a company to showcase and demonstrate each of its products or services. The setting up of multiple tabs also provides the opportunity to link back to the relevant pages on a company’s website, thereby maximising link juice and increasing the opportunity to drive traffic.

Company LinkedIn pages should target a business’s leading keywords to increase the chances of being found for its core activities. Last month, LinkedIn introduced a company follow button.  This underlines the network’s determination to increase interactivity between businesses.

There are a number of other features of the network which can be used for marketing, one of the most effective of which is LinkedIn groups. There are groups covering every conceivable industry and the key is to join groups that are likely to contain potential customers. Not only does this allow companies to get a feel for customer requirements within a given sector, but participating in the discussions can result in sales leads.

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