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The value of a DMOZ link?

DMOZ, the Open Directory Project or ODP, has long been considered a valuable directory from which to get a link. The process of obtaining one is, in theory, straight forward; use the submit link on the most appropriate category, enter your site details and wait for your site to be reviewed by the category editor. And wait. And wait. And wait [Read On]

Google Re-evaluation Request

A re-evaluation request can see your site pop back into the index. If you think that you may have infringed the terms and conditions laid down by Google then this is your chance to own up and get things moving again. [Read On]

Google Hides Supplemental Results

Google doesn't give much away which is part of what makes the challenge of ranking well all the more interesting. Because the search engine has so many pages indexed, it's tended to split its results across 2 indexes, one more relevant than the other. [Read On]